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BEVOLIN prefix registered with GCCFSA in 1984


17 times winner Devon Rex entire EOY award
Bevolin Sakura winner of Supreme in Show in

17 times winner Devon Rex entire EOY award

Bevolin Sakura winner of Supreme in Show in

Bevolin Sakura Supreme in show, Hiroshima, Japan  in a 6 ring, 1200 cat exhibits International Cat Show 

Bevolin Cattery
Breeding Burmese, Devon Rex and Devonese hybrids.
GCCFSA Group 3 Breeder of the Year 2006
17 times winner Devon Rex entire EOY award
Bevolin Sakura winner of Supreme in Show in
17 times winner Devon Rex entire EOY award
Bevolin Sakura winner of Supreme in Show in
1200 entry International Cat Show, Hiroshima, Japan

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Welcome everyone to my website, I hope the information is useful, that you love the photos, and forgive my shameless bragging.

In 2006 Bevolin Cattery won the GCCFSA Group 3 Breeder of the Year Award. I would like to thank the people who showed the two wonderful cats, I bred and did so very well with them, to enable me to win this prestigious award with only two cats being shown for the points to do so.

"Bevolin Sakura" Exported to International Judge Dr Osamu Yamamoto - Hiroshima, JAPAN won 'Supreme Cat In Show' for her new owner, in a 6 ring, 1,200 exhibit, international show.

Bevolin Cattery is the most successful Devon Rex Breeder in the state of South Australia. My beautiful cats have won Devon Rex Entire Cat of the Year 17 years in a row with GCCFSA also many other end of year awards.

I campaigned my cats with The Feline Association of South Australia for only four years, "Sheba" won the title of Devon Rex Cat of the Year for all of those four years, I also campaigned a Neuter with FASA for one season and won Devon Rex Neuter of the Year.

Bevolin Cattery only had a neuter cat exhibited with GCCFSA for 5 years and won Devon Rex Neuter of the Year for four of them and the fifth year even though she had won the majority of points for the year, I transferred ownership to a new pet owner and due to this technicality she was not awarded.

For details of some of my magnificent cats other accomplishments, see the Cattery Information page.

I have not shown to compete for the end of year award since the last time I won it, however I have always gone to the the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society Show annually.

My health has become a major concern now and I am not expecting to show again, but will keep that option open as I am still breeding some stunning kittens that deserve to be seen and I know from experience are of superior quality to enable them to win.

BEVOLIN ADIRA 2011 filly

Sire: Bevolin Kismet (Erin Park Nelson), Dam: Mikinda Magic Model (El Shafie).



Due to my health restrictions, I can no longer keep multiple horses in work, so once I have broken them in and worked them for a while, they get wasted doing nothing in the paddock.

If you are a confident and competant, calm rider with reasonable experience, who has the time to commit to regularly exercise a horse, and your own transport to get to Port Gawler, or can catch the train to Elizabeth, or live locally, please feel free to contact me with regards to riding my quality horses for free.


Stud Philosophy: To breed attractive horses, of good conformation, movement, temperament and trainability, enabling them to work all day at whatever task they are asked to perform.

Bevolin Arabian Horses and Ponies have always been placed in the show ring and are now competing successfully in endurance. The first of my pure arabian progeny, Bevolin Races The Wind, a lovely gelding, with wins in both the heavyweight and middleweight divisions of endurance here in Australia, has been exported to Dubai.

Bevolin Nafisah pictured below as a baby has achieved her Yellow Log Book in a year and successfully completed the 120km 3 day Shazada 2014. 


Sire: Bevolin Lord Of The Dance Dam: Makinda Magic Model

Nafisah loves visitors and lavishes attention on them, she always sticks her head in their car window or door to see if she can help them out of their vehicle. She likes to help out in lots of ways, checking the rain gauge, and making sure the washing is clean when it is hung on the line. When she is not busy helping, she spends time hanging out with her dad. 

She is her fathers first offspring and I am very pleased with her, as I find her temperament devine. I had a lot of trouble deciding on a name for her, but finally decided on 'Nafisah', which means precious gem or a precious thing, I think it suits her perfectly.

This beautiful filly now 21/2 years old has gone to live with her new owner Reverend Karyn Sands of Mallala who hopes to eventually when she is old enough endurance ride her. Recently broken in she has thrilled her owner with her wonderful personality and temperament. Her stable name is now "Honey" because she is so sweet.

In 2013 Nafisah started endurance ride training, on her first ride she came in with a AAA rating for condition and in perfect timing, having done the correct speed over the 40 kms with a time of 2 hours 8 minutes, a minimum time allowed was 2 hours. Well done Karyn.

2014 will see Nafisahs first full 80km endurance ride, just completing such a ride and finishing in good condition, is an enormous accomplishment. I wish her owner Rev. Karyn Sands and Honey all the very best.

Bevolin Nafisah has achieved her Yellow Log Book in a year and successfully completed the 120km 3 day Shazada 2014.  

For wonderful photos of this beautiful mare now, please visit the Horse Photographs page. It is a photo collage of the best testimonials ever.


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